Premium Magnet Car Mount

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Upgrade your car experience with the most loved Premium Magnet Car Mount on the market.

With a sleek, low-profile design, the mount safely holds your phone while you’re driving, and catches compliments from anyone who sees it.

Why use our Premium Magnet Car Mount?

The dynamic rotation InfiniteView gives you 360º viewing angles and rotation. Handy when you need to use maps on your phone.

With QuickSnap mounting – you can effortlessly attach your phone to the Premium Magnet Car Mount with one hand in less than 0.5 seconds. Way easier than fiddling with a traditional mount.

Plus, powerful TrueGrip magnets mean your phone stays mounted even if driving over potholes or around sharp turns.

Developed specifically for smartphones, the ultra strong magnets won’t damage your phone in any way.

And because the Premium Magnet Car Mount lets you operate your phone with just a finger tap to answer phone calls or use Maps while driving, it ensures a safe, distraction-free car environment.

It clips easily onto your vents using versatile clips made from non-scratch silicone material.
Each Premium Magnet Car Mount comes with 1 magnet sticker (no need to buy separately) which you stick to your phone or on your case.

Choose from 3 stunning colors to match your phone. Go minimalist in Silver or full glam with Rose Gold or Gold.

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